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Looking for an engagement ring that is both beautiful and sustainable? Say yes to love and sustainability with a Forevery engagement ring. From classic solitaires to unique and trendy styles, we have something for “Everyone”. Choose a ring that represents your commitment to each other and to the planet.


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Design your dream engagement ring online with ease using our user-friendly platform. Choose from a wide range of styles, diamonds, and precious metals to create the perfect symbol of your eternal love and commitment. Start your journey towards a lifetime of love today!

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With options for different metal finishes, you can find the perfect piece to match your soulmate’s personal style. Whether you're looking for a special gift for special one or want to treat yourself, Forevery has you covered.







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faq about Engagement rings

When buying an engagement ring, several factors should be considered. First, consider your budget and determine how much you are willing to spend. Then, think about the recipient's personal style and preferences. Consider the type of metal (such as gold or platinum), the diamond or gemstone quality, and the ring setting. Additionally, ensure you understand the 4Cs of diamonds (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) and choose a stone that fits your desired balance of these factors.
Determining the correct ring size for your partner can be done in a few ways. One option is to secretly borrow a ring they already wear on the same finger and have a jeweler measure it. Alternatively, you can trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper or use a ring sizer tool to measure their finger. If these options aren't feasible, you may discreetly ask close family or friends for assistance or consider getting a slightly larger size that can be resized later if needed.
While diamonds are traditionally popular for engagement rings, other stones can certainly be used. Many people choose labgrown diamonds. They are the ethical stones commonly seen in engagement rings. It's important to select a stone known for its durability, as engagement rings are luxury and subject to everyday wear and tear.
A solitaire setting features a single center stone, typically a diamond, held in place by prongs or a bezel. This classic and timeless design emphasizes the beauty of the center stone and allows it to stand out prominently. On the other hand, a halo setting surrounds the center stone with a circle or a halo of smaller diamonds or gemstones. This style enhances the overall sparkle and brilliance of the ring, giving it a more glamorous and dazzling appearance. The choice between a solitaire and a halo setting ultimately depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic.
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