How To Match A Wedding Band To An Engagement Ring

How To Match A Wedding Band To An Engagement Ring
How To Match A Wedding Band To An Engagement Ring

Finding the ideal wedding band to suit your engagement ring is like uncovering a missing piece of your bridal puzzle. Your engagement ring represents your intention to marry, and the wedding band represents your long-term devotion to one another.

Those who have engagement rings with distinctive designs containing complicated stone shapes or settings may find it difficult to find the right fit at first. However, don’t worry! Other options, such as contoured wedding bands or ring jackets, can complement your engagement ring’s unique features.

Even if your engagement ring has no predetermined matching band, your jeweler has the knowledge and experience to make useful suggestions. Although the procedure may take some time and work, the result will be a tribute to your love story that you may proudly wear throughout your life together.

Crafting Your Dream Bridal Set: Finding the Perfect Wedding Band for Your Engagement Ring

But where does one begin this magical journey? Allow us to walk you through our stylist’s expert recommendations for creating your dream bridal set:

Consultation with Your Jeweler: Initiate your quest by scheduling a consultation with a reputable jeweler. Share your engagement ring’s unique features and express your preferences for the wedding band. Their insights and recommendations will serve as a valuable starting point in your search.

Consider Complementary Designs: Explore wedding bands with contours or shapes that seamlessly align with your engagement ring’s silhouette. Opting for a contoured band ensures a snug fit alongside your engagement ring, creating a cohesive and visually appealing ensemble.

Customization Options: Embrace the possibility of customization to achieve a truly bespoke bridal set. Collaborate with your jeweler to design a wedding band that harmonizes flawlessly with your engagement ring, incorporating elements that reflect your style and shared journey.

Embrace Versatility: Explore versatile options, such as ring jackets or enhancers, which can transform the look of your engagement ring while adding an element of sophistication and versatility to your bridal set.

Stay True to Your Style: Above all, prioritize selecting a wedding band that resonates with your style and complements the sentiment embodied by your engagement ring. Whether you prefer classic elegance or contemporary flair, prioritize authenticity in your selection process.

As you embark on the quest for your perfect wedding band, remember that the journey itself is a celebration of your love and commitment. With patience, guidance, and a touch of creativity, you will undoubtedly discover the ideal complement to your treasured engagement ring, completing your dream bridal set with grace and elegance.

How To Pick A Wedding Band That Complements Your Engagement Ring

Step 1: Select A Metal

Traditionally, it is customary to select a wedding band that matches the metal type of your engagement ring. However, mixed-metal bridal ensembles are becoming more trendy. Combining white, yellow, and rose gold can result in a gorgeous and unique look. Our Find My Matching Wedding Ring tool is a terrific place to start when looking for the perfect metal combination for your bridal set.

Step 2: Decide If A Flush Fit Is Important To You

Determining whether a flush fit is crucial to you will help you choose the right sort of wedding ring. A flush-fit wedding band is level with the engagement ring, resulting in a seamless and integrated appearance. If you can’t locate a straight band to sit flush with your engagement ring, you can still get the look by choosing a curved or contoured band that precisely fits around the engagement ring’s central stone or setting.

Open bands with a gap can also help achieve a flush fit effect by allowing the center stone of your engagement ring to nestle in the gap of the wedding band. Open and curved rings provide aesthetic appeal, comfort, and protection for your engagement ring. However, they have limited adjustability when it comes to resizing. 

While the stacked, flush-fitting engagement ring and wedding band has become something of a modern custom, don’t forget that we are inventing our own traditions all the time! For decades, the classic style was to have a gap between an engagement ring and a wedding band. If a flush fit doesn’t suit you, consider wearing your rings on separate hands or with a gap between them. Remember that each ring has its own unique characteristics and demands specific attention.

Step 3: Select A Wedding Band Type

With so many possibilities available, it’s critical to select a wedding band style that shows your personality and complements the beauty of your engagement ring. Let’s look at some of the most common types of wedding bands:

Stacking Bands: These bands are versatile and adaptable, and they can be worn on the same finger as the engagement ring, allowing you to combine different designs, jewels, and textures.

Contoured Bands: These bands are created to mimic the curvature of your engagement ring, adding a modern and distinctive touch to your bridal set.

Classic Plain Metal Bands: These timeless and exquisite bands, composed of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, or titanium, are ideal for individuals who appreciate a minimalist and conventional look.

Notched Bands: These unique bands feature a little groove or cutout that allows them to lie exactly beside an engagement ring or another band, resulting in a comfortable and stylish fit.

Diamond Bands: These bands are adorned with brilliant diamonds that can partially or completely encircle the band, bringing more brilliance and beauty to your ring finger.

Ring Jackets: These bands wrap your engagement ring on either side and feature extra diamonds, jewels, or intricate designs to enhance its appeal.

Open Bands: With an opening or gap at the top, these modern and contemporary bands can be left empty or embellished with diamonds or gemstones, providing a unique and refreshing take on the standard wedding band.

How To Choose A Wedding Band For Your Engagement Ring Type

Now let’s explore some styling tips for popular engagement ring styles and center stone cuts:

What Wedding Band Goes With An Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

What Wedding Band Goes With An Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

The step cut of an emerald diamond center stone has a more subdued brightness than other forms. To highlight its brilliance, consider matching your emerald cut engagement ring with a wedding band incorporating round or other fancy-shaped diamonds, such as oval or marquise. This combination will enhance the brilliance and create a magnificent ensemble.

What Wedding Band Goes With A Marquise Engagement Ring?

The bending, oblong curve of a marquise cut diamond is both appealing and unique. Consider an open band or ring jacket to emphasize a marquise diamond engagement ring’s distinct form. These variations perfectly highlight the marquise shape. Another option is a plain straight band with a row of little diamonds or gemstones that match the form of your marquise stone.

What Wedding Band Goes With An Oval Engagement Ring?

When it comes to matching a wedding band with an oval engagement ring, you have plenty of alternatives! The oval engagement ring’s extended design makes it versatile, allowing you to experiment with various band styles. A curved wedding band is a popular choice because it complements the curves of the oval ring, giving it a gorgeous and seamless appearance. If you desire a classic and elegant look, a plain band is ideal. For those who like a little glitter, a diamond band with oval-shaped diamonds can be a great match.

What Wedding Band Goes With A Pear Engagement Ring?

Notched wedding bands are a common choice for pear engagement rings. These bands have a slight notch or curve that exactly matches the design of your pear engagement ring. They make a lovely combination, allowing your engagement ring to lie snuggly against the band for a coherent and elegant appearance. Another excellent choice is a ring jacket. These adaptable bands surround your pear-shaped diamond, adding sparkle and creating a stunning combination. With a variety of styles available, ranging from simple and elegant to meticulously made, you’ll find the ideal match for your unique preferences.

What Wedding Band Goes With A Three Stone Engagement Ring?

There are several fantastic possibilities for a three stone engagement ring. One common option is a simple and timeless diamond band that complements the size and form of the diamonds in your engagement ring. This results in a cohesive and elegant appearance that will never go out of style. Another alternative is a contoured wedding band that is specifically created to fit around the curves of your three-stone ring. If you want to add a more personal touch, try a custom-designed wedding band with pieces from your engagement ring, such as matching metalwork or gemstone accents.

What Wedding Band Goes With A Solitaire Engagement Ring?

A solitaire engagement ring is the most popular and adaptable type available. Fortunately, there are several variations that will improve the beauty of your solitaire ring. A solitaire engagement ring complements a variety of wedding band shapes, regardless of whether your center stone is round, cushion, radiant, Asscher, princess, or another shape. For a traditional style, choose a plain metal band. If you want to add sparkle and glamour, choose a diamond-encrusted ring. With a solitaire engagement ring, you can’t go wrong with any wedding band!

What Wedding Band Goes With A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

When it comes to picking the ideal wedding band for your hidden halo engagement ring, there are a few key elements to consider. First, consider whether you want to accentuate the halo effect or create a contrasting design. If you want to highlight the halo, the finest option is a delicate, curving band that reflects the shape of the hidden halo. This will result in a unified and elegant style that complements your engagement ring perfectly. If you prefer a more contrasted design, opt for a straight or geometric band with minimal ornamentation. This will give your ring combo a sleek and sophisticated look while also adding a distinctive twist.

What Wedding Band Goes With A Halo Ring?

A halo ring is lovely on its own, therefore when it comes to selecting a wedding band, simplicity is essential. Choose a simple and beautiful band that complements the halo setting. The halo already offers a touch of elegance and sparkle, so a more simple wedding ring will perfectly balance the whole design. Classic metal bands such as platinum, white gold, or yellow gold are excellent choices for producing a timeless and harmonious look. Alternatively, you might select a delicate diamond-accented ring to complement the smaller stones in your halo setting. This will increase the brilliance of your engagement ring while also adding a touch of glitter for that extra wow factor.

What Wedding Band Goes With A Bezel Set Engagement Ring?

If you have a bezel set engagement ring, a simple and elegant metal band is a common option. This timeless shape keeps the attention on your engagement ring’s gorgeous bezel setting. A metal band’s clean lines complement the bezel well, providing a coherent and classy design. If you want more dazzle, choose a band with little accent diamonds or gemstones that match those in your engagement ring. This adds a touch of sparkle while keeping the overall design’s sleekness.

What Wedding Band Goes With My Ring?

One of the most commonly asked questions is, “Which wedding band looks best with my engagement ring?” A wedding band, like an engagement ring, is something you’ll wear every day and should reflect your unique style. Our locate My Matching Wedding Ring tool will help you make a selection by displaying your engagement ring beside any Brilliant Earth wedding ring to locate your ideal match. If you prefer a stacked or nested bridal style, our Create Your Own Ring Stack feature shows up to three wedding bands layered with your engagement ring, giving you limitless decorating options.  Our Jewelry Specialists are also ready to lend their expertise in a personalized appointment to help you find your dream bridal set – both virtually and in person!

Are Engagement Rings Supposed To Match Wedding Bands?

There are no formal restrictions for matching your engagement ring and wedding band. It all relies on your individual style and preferences. While some prefer a perfectly matched set, others enjoy experimenting with different metal kinds, diamond shapes, textures, and bandwidths. Don’t be scared to explore until you find a mix that expresses your own taste and highlights your originality.

How Do You Combine A Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring?

If you want to merge your wedding and engagement rings, soldering is an excellent choice. Ring soldering is a technique for joining separate segments of a ring together with heat and a particular metal called solder. A jeweler will carefully set the two rings where they should be. The jeweler then heats the soldering tool and applies it to the joint where the rings meet. The heat melts the solder, which hardens and welds the rings together to form a solid link. Finally, the jeweler polishes the soldered area until it is smooth and shiny, blending it flawlessly with the rest of the ring.  It’s important to note that if you have a particularly intricate ring design or many pavé diamond accents, your jeweler may not be able to solder your rings together.

How Do You Keep A Wedding Band And Engagement Ring Together Without Soldering?

If you don’t want to solder your wedding band and engagement ring together, there are a few attractive alternatives. A popular option is a ring jacket, often known as a ring protector or ring wrap. These special bands can be wrapped around both rings, securing them together. Another alternative is a ring spacer, which is a little piece of jewelry that fits between two rings and holds them in place. You can also consider using a ring connector, which is a decorative component that links two rings with a chain or loop. This manner, you can keep your rings close together.

Final Thoughts

Are you searching for the perfect symbol of your eternal love and commitment? Look no further than Forevery’s stunning collection of wedding bands. Whether your style is sleek and understated or bold and extravagant, we have the ideal ring to complement your unique personality and taste.

At Forevery, we understand that choosing a wedding band is a deeply personal decision. That’s why we offer a diverse range of designs crafted with exquisite attention to detail. Our collection features a variety of metals, including classic gold, timeless platinum, and contemporary white gold, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your preferences.

For those who appreciate simplicity and elegance, explore our selection of sleek and minimalist wedding bands. Crafted with clean lines and refined finishes, these rings exude sophistication and timeless beauty. Alternatively, if you prefer a more elaborate and dazzling look, our collection also includes intricately designed bands adorned with sparkling diamonds and intricate patterns.

Discover the craftsmanship and artistry behind every Forevery wedding band as you explore our curated selection. Each ring is expertly crafted to symbolize the enduring bond between you and your partner, serving as a cherished reminder of your love story for years to come.

Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding or a contemporary celebration, Forevery has the perfect wedding band to suit your style. Explore our collection today and find the symbol of your forever love.

It can be! Choose reputable retailers with strong security measures, like Forevery. Look for certification from trusted labs like GIA, and clear return policies. Consider insurance for high-value rings. Reputable online jewelers will provide detailed information about the diamonds they sell, including the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight). They should also offer independent gemological lab reports, such as those from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), to verify the diamonds’ authenticity and quality.

Choosing the metal for your wedding ring depends on your preferences and budget. Platinum is a top choice for durability and scratch resistance, but it comes with a higher price tag. If you love the look of platinum but want a more budget-friendly option, consider white gold, it gives the same vibe as platinum. For a warmer tone, yellow gold or rose gold are excellent choices. At Forevery, we offer rings in various metals, including ethically sourced recycled options, providing you with a range of choices to suit your style and values.

The ideal carat weight for your wedding ring is a personal decision based on your budget and finger size. Remember, a larger carat doesn’t always mean more sparkle. Forevery’s diverse collection allows you to explore different carat sizes, helping you find the perfect balance that fits your preferences and budget.

Not necessarily! Wedding rings can be customized to suit your style. Many couples opt for plain bands, gemstone alternatives, or engraved designs. Forevery offers stunning lab-grown diamonds as an eco-conscious choice if you do decide on a diamond.

Absolutely! Many online retailers, including Forevery, offer customization options. You can engrave your ring, make setting changes, or even design a completely bespoke ring with the help of our designers. This allows you to create a wedding ring that truly reflects your unique love story.

Ensuring the ethical origin of your diamond is crucial. Forevery exclusively uses lab-grown diamonds, eliminating concerns about mining practices and potential conflicts. When choosing your wedding ring, ask about the source of the diamonds to make an informed and ethical decision that aligns with your values.

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